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    Thursday, December 31, 2009
    Mum's birthday & Countdown 1:21 PM

    today is mommy birthday 31 of dec. she is one year older le .. she is the best mother. i love her.

    today we went out together to have breakfast at 406 kopitiam, eating "kau chup".
    after that we went to "this fashion to bei my mother buy clothes. i also finish my makeover a my HP dam happy. a lots of things is done and now waiting for the fun to come.

    In the afternoon got to book in the hotel then rest awhile shop shop after that meet my mother to go Singapore flyer lols weeeeee~ next going to Turish cuisine to have our dinner mommy want try de.

    i also bought a cake for her and a sunflower advance put there first.

    then lastly i hope my mother will love it.
    the sunflower is the tell her that MOMMY STAY YOUNG ! =p i haven't have the real chance to go overseas with u and many things else i want to do with my lovely mum.

    2nd thing. my anniversary present for dear i hope she will like it =p muckz WO AI NI DEAR.

    Hey Guys iam back for major updates. haha ~
    the celebration was AWESOME lols. took a lot of photos.
    We went to the Turkish cuisine to have our dinner and then celebrate mommy birthday's with strawberry shortcake. The desert is dam nice ~ serious. i dunno the name of the desert because is in Turkish language LOL.
    there are two videos up there, one is dear anniversary video and the fireworks video which is a bit noisy haha =p

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